HOT MESS Satin MultiFunctional Scarf


Earn up to 15 Hush Points.

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Just how you accessorize your outfits, why not accessorize your bags? To give your bag a more luxurious and elegant style. Dress it up with a beautiful satin scarf that will make your bag look like a piece of art! Our scarves are a versatile addition that can also be worn in your hair, around your neck, or even as a tied shirt! The perfect add on for everyone. Product Details: 90cm x 90cm – 100% Satin Product Care: – Delicate Wash – Delicate Dry
Made in United States

Wear Them 4 Ways:

On your head as a cute scarf, around your waist as a sarong, on your body as a tube top, or wrapped around your tote bag handles for a spring bag remix.

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